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How much Weight Can One Lose with HCG Drops?

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Beginners of HCG drops always ask the question as to how much they can lose with HCG drops. However, the answer is quite different and varies with your system. People who already have a good metabolism rate will have better chance of losing with HCG drops and those who are stable and work within a closed environment will have less chances.

Why is this so?

First let me tell you as to how HCG drops work. They increase the metabolism within the system and in shorter term they ‘boost the metabolism’. So, if your metabolism is already higher it will get boosted further and if it is lower then it will be boosted to some extent.

Depending upon how good your metabolism is you will experience the weight loss.

Other factors in Weight Loss?

There are also some other factors that vary the weight loss of a person. For instance people who have baby fat will experience that they have a little tough time to lose weight. This is due to the reason that their body is genetically mapped to not lose weight. And the HCG hormone needs to work its way and change the information of your system.

Secondly, your eating habits are also essential. If you are the type of person who eats high fatty foods all the time then changing over to the meal protocol can prove difficult. At times there might be instances when you will break the protocol and jump to old habits of high fatty substances. It will take some time before you get accustomed to the low calorie diet.

The most essential factor is the effectiveness of the HCG hormone. If you are using hcg drops in real nature then you can get the most out of it. But if you are using HCG drops that are not real like homeopathic and hormone free hcg drops then do not expect much weight loss.

In short you will lose weight and try not competing with other persons but with yourself. Set goals and see how your body loses weight and scale it up.

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